Rappin Ass Thursdays #35

Posted on May 13th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Another grab bag of bawses and non bawses alike.

Fred Da Godson “Get Em Fred” [mp3]
Papoose “Bucket Naked” [mp3]
There’s definitely been an uptick in cheap, semi-jiggy beats lately. Club songs (that aren’t really knocking enough for the club) from relatively unpleasant NYC mixtape circuit guys, AKA “the Grafh lane.” Still, between these tunes and cuts that have far more success with a similar formula, like Nicki Minaj “Beam Me Up Scotty” or Cam and Vado’s summer jam contender “Speakin Tungs,” it’s maybe the best time for faux-exotic samples and Triton kickdrums since the early 2000s. Let’s party to Damascus!

Rick Ross f. Ne-Yo “Super High” [mp3]
Rick Ross “Teflon Don Freestyle” [mp3]
Rick Ross “Rude Boy Freestyle” [mp3]

Can I just say that Rawse sounds like the happiest rapper out right now? The whole “Officer Ricky” situation must have been the most freeing thing to ever happen to the guy, who now knows that he can literally be whomever and say whatever he wants (even singing Admiral Bailey’s “Big Belly Man” on this “Teflon Don” freestyle). He’s positively beaming on record. I even like the Rihanna verse!

DJ Feli Fel f. Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon and Fatman Scoop “I Wanna Get Drunk” [mp3]
Absolutely EARNING the extra O in stoopid. DJ Paul could stand to channel Diamond Dave some more, but I do like how Jon and Scoop have decided to jump on tracks like this for real, as opposed to waiting for DJs to just mash their old vocals on top. (Now is as good a time as ever to link one of my favorite Vice articles of all time.)

Bone Thugz N Harmony “Universe” [mp3]
Super smooth! The storyline for the latest BTNH album is that it’s a proper reunion for all four members of the group. “Universe” ups the ante by bringing longtime producer DJ U-Neek back into the fold as well. As much as I liked Bone’s chemistry with Swizz Beats on their (heavily slept on) last album, this particular combo has a special something. They made “Tha Crossroads” dammit!

French Montana f. Curren$y “So High” [mp3]
Speaking of smooth – is there a limit to the amount of songs Curren$y can make that sound exactly like this? Nope. Am I tripping or does French sound vaguely Juju-ian on this?