Rappin Ass Thursdays #36

Posted on May 20th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Just another RATatouille: samples, nerdery, Christmas music. Go!

DPGz “Huh What” [mp3]
Daz and Kurupt do Joeski Love. This speaks directly to my interests.

Jae Millz “Darkness” [mp3]
Breakdown on this is cray cray. Millz doesn’t quite rise to the occasion (pause) but the song is no less jamming. Production credit? Bueller?

Black C “Stay With Me” [mp3]
Give it up for Black C calling his latest record 70s Babies. Embrace the aged! It should come as no surprise then that he’d lean on funky samples and synth slap bass, but I think every Bay rap guy worth their salt knows how to nail an album track like this. There’s just something in the air…

Spodee f. Big Kuntry King “Dream” [mp3]
Speaking of samples: more classic rock in my swag rap singalongs, please. Big Kuntry KANG says “I got exotic chicks and hood chicks who look like Ricky Martin” (?!?) but redeems himself by shouting out Lord & Taylors in the next sentence. And how can you stay mad at a dude with this album cover art?

Plies “Bruh Bruh” [mp3]
Juvenile “Ha” it ain’t.

Yo La Tengo “Here To Fall (Pete Rock Remix)” [mp3]
Matador Rap returns. See also: this.

8 Ball & MJG “It’s Going Down” [mp3]
Is this the first Drumma Boy produced track to actually use the line “pa rum pa pum pum” on it? Merry Xmas!