Rappin Ass Thursdays #38

Posted on Jun 17th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Crunk-not-crunk, Killa Cam, and press photos. Onward!

CNN x Green Lantern Camouflage Season [mixtape]
This prelude to the new CNN album is super duty tough work – and apparently the sequel Camouflage Summer is on deck already? Minor key Timb boot music of the highest quality, with an extremely listenable mix (great sequencing, no ODing on the cuts, Looney Tunes interludes) from Green Lantern tying it all together. Also: Vado!

Lil Jon f. Naadei “Every Freakin Night” [mp3]
Speaking of sequencing, the long-simmering Crunk Rock LP is one of the year’s more interesting examples of tracklisting-by-tempo, starting off with throwback Eastside Boyz type beats, gradually segueing into 100 BPM+ hyphy stuff, and ending up with the fast, Miami/LA/Vegas joints he’s been most closely associated with as of late. Most of the actual music is not very memorable (surprise!), but the DJ set approach really works, keeping my attention through a full listen, which meant I didn’t skip over this hidden treat built on a Jodeci sample and a faux new wave Share Vari vocal from Little Jonathan himself. When he wants to, he still got it!

A Leon Craft “Donkey Kong” [mp3]
Enjoyably synth-y new one from former Da Backwoodz member A Leon Craft, who also pops up on this week’s new Nappy Roots LP Pursuit Of Nappyness, filled with more of the same bittersweet country rap tunes you’ve come to expect from one of the more slept-on groups of the last decade. (Also gotta shout out ‘Woodz and Roots as originators of this wooden rap jewelry movement. Epidemic? Beads: the fifth element of hip hop…)

The Roots “Web 20/20 f. Peedi Peedi and Truck North” [mp3]
More Peedi please! More full-on rap mode Black Thought too, he’s just so effortlessly mean with it.

Rocko f. Cam’ron & E-40 “Lingo (Remix)” [mp3]
“Ebonics” this ain’t. But Cam and 40 Water remain top shelf guests in any situation, let alone one so perfectly tailored to their interests. “Curve” needs to make it into your day to day routine.

Shyne’s New Press Photo

*DEAD* John Connor, look out…