Food Gold: Prosciutto/Honey/Goat Cheese "No Cook" Sandwiches

Posted on Jun 30th, 2010 in Food Gold by Mr. Goldbar

Right now it is hot in NYC. It is very hot in NYC. I didn’t feel like cranking up the ol’ stove this weekend so instead I made an absolutely delicious cooking-free treat, my very own signature Proscuitto/goat cheese/honey/basil snackwich. These handsome little devils are perfect for breakfast, a brunch treat, a mid day snack or a even very light dinner. They are super easy to make and simply work because of the way the ingredients play off one another. You got salty ham, you got sweet honey, you got creamy cheese, you got crunchy olive oil coated bread. This one’s a dream date for sure! Ingredients after the jump.


Makes one sandwich

  • 1 Ciabatta roll or any crusy bread with sufficient holes
  • Few splashes good quality Olive Oil
  • Few strips of good quality Prosciutto or any really salty uncooked ham
  • A schmeer or two of spreadable goat cheese, or cream cheese
  • Honey dripped out in a thin stream from Mr. Bear
  • Two small washed basil leaves, cut into very thin strips, chiffonade style

1. If cooking from frozen, preheat toaster to 400 degrees and toast Ciabatta for approx 12 minutes. After that, carefully cut in half (it will be very hot on the outside) add a few splashes of olive oil to open faces and heat for another few minutes at 450 degrees or until golden brown but not burnt.

Bonus Food Gold tip: NEVER defrost frozen breads in the microwave, it ruins their texture. Instead toast them in 350-400 degree toaster oven.

2. Remove bread from toaster and spread goat/creme cheese on. Then gently tear your Prosciutto into bite sized pieces and layer them on the bread so that each bite will have some meat. You want a thin layer all around not a deli-style pile up in the center.

3. Drizzle with honey and top with thinly sliced basil.

4. Serve with a nice side salad and enjoy!

Fork The World,