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Food Gold: Bacon Arugula Tomato Turkey Sandwiches

Posted on Aug 4th, 2010

Even if you are not a tomato lover, you simply cannot deny that summertime is the time to try to use those tasty ‘lil dudes any chance you get. They are at the peak of flavor and really, really cheap. I just copped a carton of beautiful grape tomatoes at Whole Foods for 2 bucks and after throwing them in a few salads over the weekend, decided to use the rest as a star ingredient in this sammich. Read More

Food Gold: Prosciutto/Honey/Goat Cheese "No Cook" Sandwiches

Posted on Jun 30th, 2010

Right now it is hot in NYC. It is very hot in NYC. I didn’t feel like cranking up the ol’ stove this weekend so instead I made an absolutely delicious cooking-free treat, my very own signature Proscuitto/goat cheese/honey/basil snackwich. These handsome little devils are perfect for breakfast, a brunch treat, a mid day snack or a even very light dinner. They are super easy to make and simply work because of the way the ingredients play off one another. You got salty ham, you got sweet honey, you got creamy cheese, you got crunchy olive oil coated bread. This one’s a dream date for sure! Ingredients after the jump. Read More