Rappin Ass Thursdays #40

Posted on Jul 8th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

I feel like a bum not including something from Fonzarelli in the fortieth installment of RAT… but here we are. Hit the jump for some other goodies.

Meek Mill f. Peedi Crakk & Young Chris “Legoo” [mp3]
Jakk Frost “Mr Frosty” [mp3]


Roach Gigz “Magic Gas” [mp3]
Roach Gigz “Kirplunk” [mp3]

The Pitchfork review of this is pretty accurate, really. Roachy Balboa harkens back to when Eminem was likeable, didn’t have a tin ear for beats, and could still make facial expressions. These two cuts stand out for being equally tweaked in the slap and rap department (wish “Kirplunk” was three times as long!), but the whole Roach tape is an enjoyable and recommended listen.

Mullyman “Get Ya Life” [mp3]
There was a mini-movement of 90bpm Bmore club rap records a while back, with guys like Q, Tim Trees and Bossman making local hits out of screwed takes on “Percolator” and the “Think” break. Don’t know if it means anything to hear a return to this sound now that regular-tempo Baltimore beats (in one form or another) make regular radio appearances across the nation, but I am happy to hear the slow joints make a resurgence. Thanks DJ Booman!

CoCo Brown “Fuck My Face” [mp3]
You would think there’s some inherent conceptual themes in “Fuck My Face” that make a radio edit impossible. But it exists – titled “Love My Face,” naturally – so maybe I’m just old fashioned. Not sure where CoCo is going with the “pussy layered like lasagna” line either, but there’s already been enough questions for one day.

Jazmine Sullivan “Holding You Down” [mp3]
Shareefa f. Rick Ross “By My Side” [mp3]

Now for some positive contributions from the misses. I know these are R&B records but they GO! Jazmine takes a straight up Old School At Noon multi-sample approach (quickest way to my heart? THE FIRM) while Shareefa enlists Bangladesh for some synth-vs-snare futurism. Ross verse on the latter is whatever but let me take this moment to shout out his truly sick guest spot on Bella’s “Never Be Me,” one of the best hidden jams of the 2000s. Ladies, where are you now?