Food Gold: Bacon Arugula Tomato Turkey Sandwiches

Posted on Aug 4th, 2010 in Food Gold by Mr. Goldbar

Even if you are not a tomato lover, you simply cannot deny that summertime is the time to try to use those tasty ‘lil dudes any chance you get. They are at the peak of flavor and really, really cheap. I just copped a carton of beautiful grape tomatoes at Whole Foods for 2 bucks and after throwing them in a few salads over the weekend, decided to use the rest as a star ingredient in this sammich.

Bacon x Arugula x Tomato x Turkey Sammiches

(serves two)

– 6 strips thick cut bacon, cut in half width-wise

– 1 cup washed arugula

– 1 1/2 or so cups sweet grape tomatoes, cut into thirds

– 8 or so ounces turkey

– Mayo as needed

– 4 slices Substantial sandwich bread, nothing thin and whimpy

1. Over low heat, crisp up your bacon in a large skillet. I usually let it go for about 8 minutes, moving the pieces around the pan as needed. You don’t want to cram all the bacon into a small pan, as it is important for the entire strip to be in contact with the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t burn or turn out raw. Also remember the bacon will firm up/dry out considerably after you remove it from the heat and blot it on paper towels so allow for a bit of “carry over” cooking.

2. If you have a grill pan, heat that bad boy up for about six minutes over high heat then throw your bread on it. I go about 90 seconds/side but just use your eyes to judge when they are done.  If you don’t have a pan or don’t feel like cleaning another item, simply toast until crispy. Texture is important here, no flimsy bread allowed!

3. If you dig using mayo, spread a layer over your toasted bread. If not, just add your sliced up tomatoes to the bread. Try to save as much tomato juice as possible from when you cut them and let that juice soak into the bread. I usually cut them right before adding them to the sammich. Also, THIS IS CRITICAL, please show them a little love by adding a sprinkle of salt. Nothing brings out the beautiful taste of a fresh tomato more than a dash of sea salt.

4. Next add your arugula and bacon. If you timed your bacon removal properly, the strips should be warm enough to wilt the arugula slightly.

5. Finally add your turkey, being mindful of how it is laid out so you get a nice even bite with tomato, bacon and mayo every time. This, good friends, is the key to sandwich making: paying attention to the layout and size of your ingredients to ensure you get a perfect bite each time.

BONUS BEAT: If you want to be cool or if you have this stuff lying around here are some delicious additions to the sammich: sliced avocado, thinly sliced red onions, a funky blue cheese (like a gorgonzola) or if you are really going for it, a nice FRIED EGG.

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