Rappin Ass Thursdays #44

Posted on Sep 16th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

We still here and we still hungry! Hit the jump for Yelawolf throwbacks, New Jack Swingin, and a bunch of goodies from all the usual and unusual suspects who make Thursday the perfect day for some Rappin Ass Rapps.

Yelawolf “Kickin” [mp3]
Yelawolf “Beer Buzz” [mp3]

I figure the first RAT after Yelawolf unequivocally TORE SHIT DOWN at the Fool’s Gold Day Off party (recap vid and all the pics coming soon) is as good an occasion as any to post these oldies. “Kickin” is the first time I heard dude, on a minty Columbia promo 12″ I picked up (because Klever was credited on the sleeve for scratches) at some point in the mid ’00s, sandwiched in the dollar bin at Kim’s on St Marks. Fast forward a few years later, it’s stumbled-upon mixtape jam “Beer Buzz,” with the undeniably stoopid Sheryl Crow sample. A few years after that brings us up to present day… where a star is born! Ya gotta keep at it.

Cali Swag District “Disgusting” [mp3]
I had been wanting to make a track out of “Shiftee” samples for the longest. The Dougie kids just told my Post-It notes to bacdafucup.

E-Ness & J Griff “Megaman” [mp3]
Woah, E-Ness is alive. Not mad at this one, wouldn’t mind hearing more new stuff from dude. “My Hood” used to be a warm up set favorite, it was genetically engineered to be enjoyed by guys who like 100bpm+ Philly beats and the internet.

Yung LA “Sun Trust” [mp3]
This song should have been called “Wachovia,” would have made for a better song off syllables alone.

Waka Flocka Flame “Fuck The Club Up” [mp3]
And as far as should’as go, this beat is absolutely born for Yung LA. A swagthem waiting in the wings! Is there a “drugs” setting on Fruity Loops?

Wiz Khalifa f. French Montana “Not Ready” [mp3]
There is definitely a drugs setting on French Montana. The man is on a hot streak when it comes to collabs with fellow dank enthusiasts. In other recent French news, I gotta say it’s a little bugged hearing him ad lib “jihaaaaaaadddd” on Funk Flex every night.

Dorrough “Miss Parker” [mp3]
Cam’ron & Vado “Spread My Wings” [mp3]