Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on May 23rd, 2011 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Lets play house!

Carte Blanche House Party 2: The Pyjama Jam [mp3]
Mehdi and Riton reunite on the dancefloor with this great mix connecting the dots between jams new and old – including the currently en vogue (har har) “Walk 4 Me” by Robbie Tronco, as sampled on the new Boddika / Joy Orbison track. U BETTER WORK.

Lil Tony Bassment Mix #1 [mp3]
While we’re in a 4/4 state of mind, here’s a jackin collection from Helsinki’s Lil Tony (which I caught while checking fellow Finn DJ Anonymous’ excellent blog).

Will Saul Fabric Mix [mp3]
The mellower side of untz, courtesy Aus Music mastermind Will Saul….

Maximillion Dunbar Soul Jazz Mix [mp3]
…and even further down the rabbit hole thanks to Maxmillion Dunbar and his offbeat selections.