Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Dec 5th, 2011 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

New batch of downloadables.

DJ Soul Black Friday Shade45 Mix [mp3]

Eats Everything Essential Mix [mp3]
Joker Essential Mix [mp3]
Two very different takes on ye olde Essential mix: a live Bristol club set from Eats Everything, who seamlessly weaves through a gang of the best and bounciest house records out (many of which are his own), and an almost mix-free set from Joker, which manages to be just as seamless thanks to it’s own awesomely warped internal logic of hypercolor “dubstep” and snippets of 80s modern soul and r&b groovers.

JD Twitch Live in 1991 [mp3]
20 year old cassette rip of a live set, jamming like it was recorded yesterday. Optimo dude releases great mix, soooooo shocking…

Fixed 7 Year Anniversary Live Set [mp3]
Speaking of live, here’s FIVE HOURS of jams from Dave P and JDH recorded at Le Bain on 11.11.11. So awesome to hear these two go from warmup set to techno freakout and back again.