Rappin Ass Thursdays #59

Posted on Jan 26th, 2012 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

To the hip hop hibbity doo. Here’s a bunch of recent joints I feel like blurbin.

Jay-Z “Glory” [mp3]
Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z and Andre 3000 “I Do” [mp3]

We are now in the “happy Jay” era… and I am so with this. “Did yooooo wiggle ya ass for her” and “I dee-oh, I dee-oh, I dee-uh-uh-oh” are the full-cheese “Otis” video smiles put to wax. Your man is enjoying life like all rapping millionaire parents should.

8 Ball & MJG ft Big KRIT “We Buy Gold” [mp3]
PREMRO! Feeling what Krit has been giving Ball & G as of late. Because as much as I loved all the synth bidness of the duo’s Bad Boy days, I’d much rather hear them on this in 2012 than your cousin’s fake Lex Luger beats.

Juvenile ft. Mannie Fresh “Sweet Love” [mp3]
Even more ol heads who still got it. This shit is my shit. Psyched for the new Juve tape (whoadie).

Beeda Weeda ft. Hongry “Whoa Kemosabe” [mp3]
RECKLESS SLAPPERY. Also “Hongry” is a genuinely incredible rap name.

Slim Thug “Favorite Bitch” [mp3]
Let that boy sang! I now want a Slim Thug R&B album like I want a French Montana R&B album, which is to say very, very much.

Tris J ft. Boldy James & 10iller “Grown Folks Buisness” [mp3]
Hassani Kwes “Kick The Bass Chuck” [mp3]

Midwest fonk and fast boom bap (respectively) from Cool Kids associates. You already know.

Jakk Frost “Dirty Uggs” [mp3]
More thugs need a sense of humor. I only wish dude’s vocals were recorded with the same level of over-the-top pop retardation as the beat, it could have been the best “not a club song” club song by an underground dude since Joell Ortiz’ “Drunk”. If you like this I also recommend Jakk’s Peedi Crakk collab. As well as every Peedi Crakk song ever. You know he got a new tape too?

Young Chris “Property Tax” [mp3]
Fuck it, lets stay in Philly. I am a huuuuuuge State Prop stan and this track off Chris’ Young Christmas is a welcome throwback to the crew’s heyday (sidebar: RAPPERS STOP RELEASING THINGS ON CHRISTMAS cuz I’m not going to listen to you until now when I have time to kill and not gorging on food with the fammo while looking up Elton vids on somebody’s iPad.)