Food Gold Tool Time Special #1: Mandoline

Posted on Feb 9th, 2012 in Columns > Food Gold by Mr. Goldbar

Seeing that a lot of DJs/producers/gear heads read this site the FG gang and I decided to start up a monthly gadget edition of Food Gold for those of you (and we hope there are many) who want to know about kitchen tools of the trade.

You have my word there won’t be any frumpy tricknology like your Aunt’s “bagel guillotine” or “pickle picker“. We are going to stick to the most crucial tools, the things you will buy once and use for the next ten years across many, many meals.

Short and sweet: if you are eating a lot of fruits and veggies you should get a mandoline.

This potentially nasty ‘lil performer is perfect for slicing fruits and vegetables.  It is also perfect for slicing your fingers so watch out.

You want to get one that has different blade settings for how thin the produce will be cut. And just to get you psyched on the investment here are some delicious things you can cut up with a mandolin: radishes (sliced in half and served with fresh butter and sea salt), cucumbers (cut almost transparently thin and served on top of pork meatballs with tomato and yogurt), zucchini (cut into discs, baked and topped w goat cheese) and maybe some cheese. A worthy purchase indeed. I like this one from OXO.

Fork The World,