FOOD GOLD: Bacon Wrapped Dates with Funky Cheese (+ Free Bao In NYC Tonight!)

Posted on Mar 29th, 2012 in Columns > Food Gold by Mr. Goldbar

This week’s Food Gold comes courtesy of a twitter request from our pal Jillionaire. I ask my tweeples to suggest some appetizers to cook up for the column and dude was all “bacon-wrapped dates.” For this version, I decided to dub it out with some very strong Cabreles cheese, but you could just as easily use a mellow goat cheese if the funky stuff is too forward for you.  Get in! Recipe after le jump.

As a special Food Gold bonus beat for all the NYC heads, I’ll be hosting a free Underground Eats event at Baohaus tonight at midnight – they’re giving away free baos to the first 100 people to like their Facebook page. Flyer for this after the jump too.

Bacon Wrapped Dates with Funky Cheese

– 1 lb of dates

– Approx 12 oz of bacon or enough bacon to wrap all the dates with, duh

– 4 oz of funky ass blue cheese like Cabreles


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees for at least 15 minutes

2. Using a paring knife, cut open each date, remove the pit and gently spread some funky cheese up in there. Remember that over stuffing the dates will result in a messy and an unattractive bite so chill with that.

3. Wrap your bacon around the date, being extra careful to cover the side that was slit open, then trim any extra bacon. Save that bacon for the next day.

4. Using a very good amount of tin foil, line a baking sheet. Remember this bacon is going to drip everywhere and you want to be able to make the clean up easy.

5.  Bake in your pre-heated oven for around 30-40 minutes or until bacon is crispy. Turn after 20 minutes so they cook evenly.

6.  Let rest for 8 minutes or so. Hot gushing funky cheese is better to taste than to wear.


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