HNRL x Nick Catchdubs "Summer School" Mixtape

Posted on Jul 2nd, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Slaps on slaps! Download Summer School, the new mixtape from Trackademicks and the HNRL crew, put together by our own Nick Catchdubs and featuring guest spots from Flosstradamus, Kool AD of Das Racist, iamSU! and more.

As Nick tells it: “Track is a longtime homie – ever since I first started DJing out of town doing shows in SF, he and the whole Honor Roll have always had their own crazy, unique style and shown so much love from day one. His first single ‘Enjoy What You Do’ is a perfect example of the putting-out-your-friends’-music attitude that Fool’s Gold was founded on. A chance conversation a month or two ago with Mike Baker at one of our Artist Series events in the store led to this tape, I just told them to go stupid with the beats and make stuff that will be fun to DJ and fun to listen to for the summer. They passed the test…”


1. Intro / Disaster Drill feat Mike Baker, Whiz, Spank Pops, Josie Stingray & Trackademicks (prod by Flosstradamus)
2. Wait For It feat Trackademicks, Spank Pops & Josie Stingray (prod by Trackademicks)
3. Wooowww (Bay Shit) feat Trackademicks & Kool A.D. (prod by Trackademicks)
4. Back to School feat Moxmore (prod by 1-O.A.K.)
5. Gimme A Beat feat Trackademicks & L. Deez (prod by Trackademicks)
6. Eric Roberts feat Trackademicks, Moxmore & Spank Pops (prod by Trackademicks)
7. Eat A Parsnip feat Josie Stingray, Spank Pops, Trackademicks, Mike Baker & 1-O.A.K. (prod by Trackademicks)
8. Nasty Girls feat Moxmore, Mike Baker, Trackademicks & Josie Stingray (prod by Trackademicks)
9. Planetary Cassanova feat Trackademicks, 1-O.A.K. & Mike Baker (Malcolm McLaren)
10. Double Dutchin’ feat Mike Baker & Trackademicks (prod by 1-O.A.K.)
11. The Party Starter feat Whiz, Josie Stingray, Trackademicks & Spank Pops (Mono/Poly)
12. Late Night Hype At The Taco Truck feat Trackademicks & Mike Baker (prod by Trackademicks)
13. Speedway feat Mike Baker, Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K. (Metro Area)
14. Bukkake feat Mike Baker (Motor City Drum Ensemble)
15. Say Something feat Trackademicks (Fort Romeau)
16. Rewind (Tonight Remix) feat iamSU! (prod by 1-O.A.K.)
17. Numb feat 1-O.A.K., Trackademicks & Whiz (prod by 1-O.A.K.)