Rappin Ass Thursdays #63

Posted on Jan 3rd, 2013 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Oh god! RAT back y’all. New joints (and a sizable amount of stuff I’ve been waiting to blab about since the last one of these in September) after the jump. Grab the individual tracks in one zip here.

Young Scooter feat Chief Keef “On It” [mp3]
You either already love Sosa or you don’t. (The llamas and cobras of Glory Boyz Children’s Zoo are waiting to make your acquaintance if the latter.) Scooter is up next and this song sounds like the first two chords of INXS “Never Tear Us Apart” looped over and over and over. RIP Michael Hutchence. Autoerotic trapsfixiation courtesy Mike Will Made Irrrrrrrrrrt.

Mike Will Made It Est. In 1989 Pt 2.5 [mixtape]
Lil Wayne feat Future And Drake “Good Kush And Alcohol” [mp3]
Mike, you made All Of The Songs this year. Could your 2012 be more awesome? “Sure, let me go drop the catchiest shit ever on December 29th with two days left to spare. Eardrummas!” (Sidebar: best joint on the Mike Will tape is the Brandy one, and it’s only the third or fourth best on Brandy’s own album. The moral of this story is go get the Brandy album.)

The Game “Holy Water” [mp3]
As for last year… SO OVER LISTS, it’s January dog and I only skim thru to see who is talking about our shit anyway. That said, any Best Beats Of 2012 that doesn’t include this one (a Mala sample freaked by Delaware’s SAP) is completely illegitimate in my book. Not sure why this wasn’t on the actual Game album (a very solid record I have no desire to listen to ever again.)

DJ Drama feat Meek Mill, Birdman & Gucci Mane “My Audemars” [mp3]
Drama’s LP has some surprisingly great production too. “Jahlil Beats, holla at me!” I wish music videos still had budgets, and this one set theirs on fire filming Meek and Gucci inside a full-sized iced out replica of the clockwork gears from Charlie Chaplin Modern Times (Birdman is the rocket-in-the-eye moon face guy from Le Voyage dans la Lune in this particular Catchdini hallucination production.)

Rej3ctz feat Kurupt & 2nd II None “Feed It” [mp3]
Pac Div feat Kurupt & DJ Battlecat “Fuck Y’all” [mp3]
Rej3ctz and Pac Div are more similar than anyone will admit, sharing geography, consistency, big name friends, major label limbo, and a Rodney Dangerfield-esque knack for not getting any respect I tells ya. These trios both dropped two quietly excellent releases late last year, both managing to pull in some championship grade LBC cameos. LA continues to son us when it comes to quality OH SHIT! old head guest spots.

Glasses Malone “I Need A Fr3ak” [mp3]
Glasses Malone “6 AM” [mp3]
I wonder how much of that has to do with KDAY’s “all g-funk, all the time” playlist keeping these artists in the atmosphere? Feeling Glasses Malone’s re-do of Too $hort (via Sexual Harassment) “I Need A Freak” for the ratchet generation. Producer / sanger Ty$ getting all moogy on “6 AM” is another highlight on GM’s new tape.

Loverance Freak Of The Industry [mixtape]
So much personality and welcome randomness on this Digital Underground-inspired collection from the “Up!” guy. It’s great, and it’s release was instantly, resoundingly slept on (me forcing it on the FG office AirTunes notwithstanding). There is a genuine embarrassment of riches when it comes to new music to listen to right now – not merely something for everyone, but grips of deserving material that regularly slip through the Hulkshare cracks of even the most obsessively nerdy corners of the internet.

Skip of UTP feat Juvenile “Put Em Out” [mp3]
And to end on that note, here’s a lo-fi NOLA heat rock that’s been sitting in the “post on RAT” folder since last spring. Never too late y’all. Wobble de wobble de wop.