Nick Catchdubs “UFO Style”

Posted on Apr 17th, 2018 in Releases by Mr. Goldbar

“UFO Style” is the first in a series of new singles from NYC DJ/producer and Fool’s Gold co-founder Nick Catchdubs: a concentrated blast of distorted drum programming, hypnotic synths and scratched up text-to-speech apps. It’s the first proper follow up to Nick’s beat-laden Smoke Machine LP (as heard in Apple Watch commercials and Broad City), kicking off a new era of Catchdini’s anything-goes approach to electronic music. To let him tell it: “I love old records, but have no interest in making retro songs. I’m energized by the spirit of New York you hear in Malcolm McLaren’s Duck Rock and Jive Ryhythm Trax, comic books and rave flyers, late night radio tapes and shitty drum machines… to Xerox that feeling would be boring. But putting my own spin on those inspirations is crazy exciting! ‘UFO Style’ is me wondering what it would sound like if The Orb made music for subway dancers. Please play it on a good system.”

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