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HERO “Dirty Work” EP

Posted on Jan 10th, 2019

Incorporating elements of R&B, dance and pop with a punk spirit, Canada’s HERO has no genre. Describing his approach as “putting familiar sounds through a VHS player,” HERO’s debut Dirty Work EP on Fool’s Gold features six self-produced tracks exploring the underbelly of romance over a darkly catchy, electronic pulse. From the title track (with its striking music video, filmed in Oslo with director Johannes Greve Muskat) to slow jam “Stay the Night,” Dirty Work might be FG’s most cinematic release to date, and the sound of an auspicious new artist merging his influences into one singular vision.

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Promnite “Exist” EP Video

Posted on Dec 19th, 2018

Promnite’s Exist EP is one of our favorite FG releases of the year: a soulful mission statement from a self-assured producer and DJ, pushing aside trends and tropes in search of timeless grooves for clubs and headphones alike. Promnite takes you into his songwriting zone in this new video, tracing a path from the raw elements (right down to YouTube tutorials!) to the dancefloor, offering an impressionistic look at how Exist came together and promising more unique vibes to come.

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HERO “Stay The Night”

Posted on Dec 13th, 2018

“Stay the Night” is a moody, disco-tinged taste of HERO’s cinematic Dirty Work (out 1/10), following the EP’s lead single and title track, “Dirty Work” (and its brooding, Lynch-ian companion video). Get familiar with this Calgary-born, now Montreal-based indie-electronic tour de force. Play it loud!

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Posted on Dec 7th, 2018

Bronx bombers B.I.C. put their stamp on rap with FTW, a four track, ten minute blast wrapped in fronto leaf and ready to burn. Yesus, Pete, Illz and Izzy drop manic uptown bars over production from Fool’s Gold’s own Nick Catchdubs, and promise more unconventional NY bangers in the new year. Turn it up!

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Tabby Wakes “Tabby Night”

Posted on Nov 30th, 2018

Brooklyn-born Tabby Wakes is the latest original voice to take flight on Fool’s Gold, via the irresistible “Tabby Night.” Featuring Brenmar on the boards with Tabby, “Tabby Night” is a candy coated banger with a dark center, teasing all of the unexpectedly catchy sounds Tabby has cooked up for her debut EP, out early next year on FG. Listen now!

Smalltown DJs & Dances With White Girls “Bad Beaviour” EP

Posted on Nov 29th, 2018

Smalltown DJs are Canada’s reigning champions of fun, bass-heavy house, melding the energy of outdoor festivals like Shambala with the diverse sound they cultivated at their legendary Hifi Club in Calgary. Dances With White Girls is the infamous LA-via-Philly producer and vocalist crafting absurdist anthems with everyone from Chris Lake to Pitbull (while dropping knowledge hourly as your favorite artist’s favorite Tweeter). We’re beyond excited to bring these two forces together for the first time on the Bad Behaviour EP, featuring the bumping title track with SkiiTour and the quirky club jam “What’s Your Poison.” Listen up!