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World’s Fair “Elvis’ Flowers (on my grave)”

Posted on Mar 9th, 2018

World’s Fair are New York. Not just the location, though no one is better equipped to rep their hometown than this collective from Queens. They are the dirt, dreams and neon, the sound of hard days and endless nights… but New York has never sounded quite like this. Since their debut tape Bastards Of The Party, WF have taken their time crafting an ambitious, future-minded album worthy of the unique personalities of Remy Banks, Nasty Nigel, Cody B Ware, Prince SAMO, Jeff Donna and Lansky Jones. “Elvis’ Flowers (on my grave)” is the warning siren: chopped up vocals and frantic breakbeats from Black Noi$e and NoLife meet adrenaline-laced bars, all building to an ecstatic, break-of-dawn bass release. Play it loud, get into some trouble, and get ready for more.

B.I.C. “Thought U Knew”

Posted on Mar 6th, 2018

B.I.C. link back up with Nick Catchdubs for “Thought U Knew,” another unconventional banger from their forthcoming FTW EP. Hyperactive BX bars zoom over cut-n-paste string chops and bass drops for a Fool’s Gold rap cut like none other. Play this loud, preferably in a residential neighborhood!

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Madeaux feat. Brux “The Wave”

Posted on Feb 16th, 2018

Fool’s Gold producer/DJ Madeaux gets intense with “The Wave,” off of his forthcoming debut album Burn (out 3/23) The LA-based producer’s latest hybrid single features haunting vocals from Brux, building up downtempo r&b into smoldering, club-ready house breaks. Listen now.

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Hasse de Moor & Horny Dave “Work For Me”

Posted on Feb 15th, 2018

Hasse de Moor is your favorite DJ’s secret weapon, cranking out futuristically funky Dutch house and heavy party jams. Horny Dave is a mysterious newcomer making his debut on their gleefully dirty collab, “Work For Me.” You won’t be able to get this uptempo banger out of your head (or get it’s deliriously ridiculous music video off of your lips). Crank it!

Hoodboi feat. Tkay Maidza “Glide”

Posted on Feb 14th, 2018

Hoodboi pulls listeners into a uniquely smoothed-out zone with new single “Glide,” featuring Australian MC and songwriter Tkay Maidza. Taking classic r&b and house vibes in a futuristic new direction, the bass-led track is the first salvo in a year of heartfelt and innovative new music from the LA based producer. To hear him tell it: last year i took a couple steps back to realize what’s next for the hoodboi project. i spent the year writing music and working on new projects. i’ve never been more excited to show what’s next. Listen up!

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GEOTHEORY “Interstellar Love” EP

Posted on Feb 9th, 2018

Interstellar Love is a new chapter in the GEOTHEORY story. That’s not just a figure of speech: he’s crafting full mythologies around these beats, mashing ambient, almost new-age melodies over cosmically heavy bass and filling every nook with nature sounds and voiceovers to bring it all together. The EP rewards deep listeners and headnodders alike, showing off how much GEOTHEORY has continued to refine his sound over the past year. Listen here.

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A-Trak & Falcons feat. Young Thug & 24hrs

Posted on Feb 7th, 2018

A-Trak and Young Thug have been recording together since 2013 and accumulating a stack of songs. Finally ready to start revealing this material, A-Trak chose “Ride For Me” for its jaw-dropping (and possibly jaw-breaking) vocal performance. You’ve never heard Young Thug like this. His voice is elastic, self-distorted, at times barely human or intelligible, and at other times familiar and bouncy. As a turntablist and sound manipulator, A-Trak was entranced by Thug’s shape-shifting. To round off the song, Trizzy brought in another close friend with an otherworldly voice, Atlanta’s own 24hrs, along with rising Fool’s Gold star Falcons on the production tip. “Ride For Me” is a speaker-busting rollercoaster ride that defies traditional song structure and will playlist your whole year. Listen here!

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Nightwave “Sanctuary” EP

Posted on Feb 2nd, 2018

Nightwave continues to reinvent club sounds on her Sanctuary EP. From the thumping house vibes of first single “Limelight” to the off-kilter, percussion-driven techno of the title track, this bold EP shows off Nightwave’s range, providing all the new wave, new age, new year vibes you need. Check it out!

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Paper Diamond “Work 9000”

Posted on Jan 31st, 2018

Cali via Colorado bass champion Paper Diamond makes his Fool’s Gold debut with the manic “Work 9000,” his first original music in two years. Siren riffs, vocal chops and hyperactive guitar picking get mashed over PD’s signature 808s, but this track is more than just a technological marvel. “Work 9000” is Paper Diamond’s most urgent call to arms yet, kicking off a season of hybrid releases on Fool’s Gold that will not be ignored. Crank it!

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