Nick Catchdubs “UFO”

Posted on Aug 16th, 2019 in Releases by Mr. Goldbar

NYC DJ / producer and Fool’s Gold co-founder Nick Catchdubs has spent a career sharing music, supporting artists and connecting the dots between scenes and generations. The encyclopedic good vibes that became his signature (“the best party DJ in the game” – Stereogum) first came to life as original music on 2015’s Smoke Machine LP, featuring an anything-goes guest list and highlights that continue to bubble everywhere from Broad City to Apple Watch commercials. However, Nick’s new album UFO chooses to blaze a more cosmic path. The attitude is still there, with big glowstick energy filtered through subway sounds and razor-edited, breakdance-ready chops; when vocals do pop up, courtesy of New York underground favorites like Nasty Nigel and Mr Muthafuckin eXquire, their subterranean bars feel right at home. But there’s also a surprising new gear of zoned out instrumentals and heady, re-animated synth loops added to the mix. Put it all together, and UFO is an enjoyably glitchy collection of what we can only call Nick Type Beats: tune in, turn up, and blast off. Listen Now!

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