Stockholm-raised, NYC-based artist KISSEY brings a charge of high voltage, high fashion vibes to Fool’s Gold, channeling the city’s melting pot vitality in her DJ sets and original productions. Or, as i-D put it, “Manhattan’s electric energy and robotic precision is tangible in her beats, the unsettling edge and sensuality of Brooklyn nights are present in her vocals, [and] Harlem’s all-out balls-to-the-wall attitude carries through her live performances.” With a resume spanning the studio to the catwalk, KISSEY has left her mark on Sundance film soundtracks, GUCCI and Givenchy runway shows, and a diverse catalog of remixes for the likes of DFA soulman Sinkane and underground rap diva Cakes Da Killa. As her solo FG debut takes shape (helmed by iconic producers Sean C and LV), we can rest assured that there’s no one else on the globe making music quite like her.

    Unplug The Delusional Monkey