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Cosmo's Crates: Happy Birthday JMJ

Posted on Jan 21st, 2011

Cosmo pays tribute to the real King Of Rock. Editor’s note: cop Dan Charnas’ recently-released The Big Payback for some incredible, indelible stories about Run DMC, Russell Rush and the rise of the moguls behind rap’s OGs.

Whattup, folk? After a whirlwind mini-tour this past weekend, I’m back in Brook-Nam and ready to drop some jewels for you – albeit a little late. So you know, when it comes to my crates, I have a gang of shit in the arsenal, don’t get it twisted. I could imagine that this week might be looked at a little bit as somewhat of a softball. But truthfully I don’t give a fuck because even though these records might not be totally obscure, they are without question VERY IMPORTANT RECORDINGS within the pantheon of American music. So sit back and listen… Read More