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Introducing… Cosmo's Crates

Posted on Jan 5th, 2011

New site, new columns! We’re proud to invite DJ hero, megacollector and raconteur Cosmo Baker to drop record science on the dot com as only he can.

What’s up, party people, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the brand new column “Cosmo’s Crates.” This series is basically a place for me to do the knowledge on the vast world of music – of all types and genres. Now for the most part people checking Fool’s Gold are probably here to check for the latest and greatest dance and rap music from the all-star roster. But as artists, we all draw our inspiration from all the musical influences we’ve had over the course of our whole lives, and in many cases way before we were even born. I hope that in exposing you all to some sounds that you might not be up on, or some shit that might have flown under the radar, I can draw the connections between the music from yesterday and from today. You’d be surprised how many parallel lines there are in the last 80+ years of American pop music, but I guess that’s just the cyclical nature of both the industry and the people’s consumption patterns. I’m a student of history and that definitely comes across with me as an artist. But ultimately all I really want to do is to put you guys up on some hot shit or some groovy sounds that I think you all need in your life. SO, with that all said, let’s get to it! Read More

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