Only Built 4 Coachella Linx

Posted on Apr 29th, 2008 in Live > Pics > Press by Mr. Goldbar

Photo by Dave Bullock / Wired

As Busy P’s expertly Photoshopped show flyer should have told you, this past weekend of jams at the Coachella festival was a veritable FG family reunion. Brothers! Sisters! French cousins! But we’re back now (sunburnt, caffeinated, blogging) and the fruits of our festival self-Googling are yours after the jump. More added as we find ’em.

On Saturday Fool’s Gold presented a daytime pool party at the Mod Resort with boosted and The FADER featuring the DJ stylings of XXXChange, Nick Catchdubs, Flosstradamus, and LA Riots (in short shorts). Some pics are over here (and an all-Coachella mix by LA Riots is downloadable here). The Mod Resort was a 15-20 minute drive from the festival grounds – everything in Palm Springs looks like either the background of a Road Runner cartoon (meep meep) or your average exurban strip-mall, except with the Best Buys and flair-based family restaurants recast in adobe. Kind of bugged. That night we all sat under the stars watching Portishead and Prince (“90s, straight Arsenio Hall band” – Dave1). Boys Noize took a picture with Steven Tyler.

On Sunday afternoon, Kid Sister and A-Trak played on the Gobi Stage (and the Kid Sis dancers made their debut!) Here’s some great pics from their set. Unfortunately there are no shots of DJ AM’s insane color coordinated Tiffany Dunks / eBay-ed Melrose Place t-shirt ensemble. Teal game proper! Metromix called Kid Sis’s set one of the sleeper hits of Coachella 08. LA Times was also real psyched. Variety fronted but still had to give it up for our girl’s “obvious raw talent.” Later that night Chromeo slayed in front of a packed Sahara Tent right before JOOOOOOSTICE (who dropped “Sweet Caroline” in their warmup playlist to great effect). URB has some pics and so does 33 Mag.