Rappin Ass Thursdays #2

Posted on Jun 11th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

For this weeks edition we got new joints from Jadakiss with a reunited Ruff Ryders, Clipse, DJ Quik & Kurupt, and Tum Tum. Zilla!

Jadakiss f. DMX, Eve, Drag-On, Styles P & Sheek Louch – Who’s Real (Remix) [mp3 via Mr X]
The original “Who’s Real” with OJ Da Juiceman (ay) is one of those hate it or love it sort of records – I fall hard into the latter category, am basically a total Ruff Ryders stan (at least for anything from those first 5 years), so why does this RR reunion mix not do anything for me AT ALL? They couldn’t have used the “Get At Me Dog” instrumental or something? But DMX sounds better than expected and I can’t be mad anytime Drag-On has something to do. Now go spend 99 cents on “Twisted Heat.”

Clipse f. Pharrell “I’m Good” [mp3 via Complex – new link from Corporate Bloggin]
This one is a little “less than the sum of its parts” too. Five geniuses (Bros Thornton, Pharrell N Chad, Kaws on the sleeve art) treading water in unison. Still, groovy, yacht-mode Neptunes beat could be a grower…

DJ Quik & Kurupt “Do You Know”

Now for stuff I’m not just lukewarm about! The whole Quik & Kurupt Blaqkout album is great. No huge peaks or valleys, just one solidly enjoyable ride out – like my friend Caps always says, good movies don’t really need a plot, just a world you want to hang out in for two hours. There’s more “oh shit” cuts on the record than this (“Ohhh” and the fast-rap “Jupiter’s Critic And The Mind Of Mars” – both here – and earlier video “9xs Outa 10“) but “Do You Know” best captures the whole LP’s easy charm and excellent production.

Tum Tum “I Don’t Play Games” [mp3]
This go hoard! Dependably knocking Dallas raps from Mr “Caprice Music” and the only MC in this post to have ever made it to a Kid Sister lyric.