Rappin Ass Thursdays #29

Posted on Jan 7th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Before I get to brand new music in this young decade, gotta cleanse the palate of some late, late 2009 favorites in steady rotation over the break thanks to the “All Mix Holiday Weekend” on Hot 97 (which let DJs like Enuff, Camilo, et al dictate their own shows for the most part).

Without fail, the standout sets were always club excursions, ALWAYS with a Jersey shout out, mixing “Percolator” with new tunes like DJ Frosty’s “Ride That Wave” – maybe more on that in another post… – and these midtempo, East Coast rap-n-b breaks, featuring all the tunes after the jump (along with the occasional Jay Elec-yarmulke “Exhibit C”). Who said radio was dead?

Red Cafe f. Fabolous “I’m Ill” [mp3]
Other than the sheer randomness of his name (which I always expect to see on a packet of something when I get breakfast every morning) Red Cafe has never stood out for being a particularly original dude. So there’s no way to be mad at the “It Takes Two” and Jay-Z samples, it’s actually something of an artistic high-water mark for him. Especially since it knocks pretty tough. Though Fab gets a step your rap game up for the guest verse (“If my name was Willis they’d probably call me Will/ But I’m the illest so that’s why they call me ill” – really?)

Dirty Money “Love Come Down (Ted Smooth Remix f. Jim Jones)” [mp3]
Old head selector Ted Smooth turned DJ blends into two of the biggest radio/club records of the summer via his clever flips of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s “Blame It,” which deftly brought back Doug E Fresh’s “The Show” and C Murder’s “Down For My Ns” (with a sprinkling of Bob James). The success led to a slew of edits which where nowhere near as clever or successful. But this Dirty Money mix is a huge return to form, mixing forgotten and familiar in equal measure (Tracey Lee “The Theme”!!!!!) and turning it into something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Jim Jones f. Rev Run “Wishing On A Sucker MC” [mp3]
More throwback Jim Jones mashin! This time courtesy of DJ Cassidy (who I always feel a little bad about not playing O’Neal McKnight when he requests it, the two of them both seem like nice enough chaps). Can’t go wrong with “Sucker MCs” EVER.

Joell Ortiz f. Novel “Call Me” [mp3]
This will live in the R&B warm-up crate for a good minute. Now if he can only convince Buddens to make a song girls like again…

Maino “Get Em Tiger” [mp3]
Like Maino! Maybe the best NY tough guy who still sounds like he has fun with his music. Who else could give an unrepentant pussyhound anthem such charm? Literally this record sounds like it is winking. Love the chord changes and random R&B girls on the chorus (both courtesy of The Colleagues)