Rappin Ass Thursdays #45

Posted on Sep 30th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Post number forty-five! It ain’t to play games with you, it’s to aim at you. Hit the jump for new joints and smirkery.

Spragga Benz f. Nas “This Is The Way” [mp3]
Spragga’s whole new Shotta Culture album comes highly recommended; this collab is but one of many standouts. Why didn’t Nasir’s Damien Marley team-up album sound like this? Why don’t people hire Salaam Remi to do everything? While I’m waxing rhetorical, can you imagine what a Worst Of Nas mixtape would be like? In the history of art, has any other undisputed, Top Five Dead Or Alive-level genius been responsible for as much indiscriminate shittiness? If you would like to cry real human tears, here is Nas covering “Back In Black” with Carlos Santana on Lopez Tonight.

Stricklin f. The Bundies “I Be Damn” [mp3]
This guy is signed to Masta Ace. And from Milwaukee! The brewer knows to do rock-influenced beats the right way; ditch the mall, keep the funk. Definitely want to hear more.

C-Ride “Mark Duper” [mp3]
One for the ’80s babies, a lame-indicting freestyle spit over the “Doo Doo Brown” beat and named after Miami Dolphin drug casualty Mark “Super” Duper.

Diggy “Thinkin Bout U” [mp3]
And one for the ’90s babies! Honeydip laments are infinitely more acceptable when the rapper is an actual teenager. High hopes for Diggy and his almost Native Tongue-y nasal flow.

Trae f. Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz “Hood Nights” [mp3]
As always, not sure what Millz or Gudda Gudda (grocery bags) are adding, but Trae was built for haunted house beats.

Obie Trice “Lovin You No More” [mp3]
As the continued existence of this column can attest, I have a soft spot for the tired, the hungry, the huddled rap masses yearning to get put on. Yet despite my affinity for windmill tilting MCs of all ages, what the FUCK is anyone going to do with an Obie Trice freestyle over a third-tier Diddy radio record? It’s an OK beat, but look at the big picture, Oberheim. There is no country for this shit. Pop looks are not gonna happen for you anymore. Be weird, be grimey. It’s not like there’s amazing producers in Detroit who specialize in that or anything…

Cam’ron “Wanna Get” [mp3]
Purple Haze (Bootleg) worthy Killa vibes. Crazily, it seems like he’s been dropping nugs like this on a weekly basis. It finally was a hot summer

Jim Jones f. Rell, “Blow Your Smoke” [mp3]
Jimmy on his breezy shit too! Roc refugee Rell (say that one three times fast) does his best Fake Dogg on the hook, but lets be real, Max B belongs here. It hurts me deeply that can never be.

Vado f. Young Dro “Polo (Remix)” [mp3]
Aaaaaaaaand a Harlem hat trick to end it. Shout out to Dro on a parasail with a rich white bitch named Abigail.