Rappin Ass Thursdays #49

Posted on Nov 25th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Double stuffed thanksgiving edition. FREE ONSMASH!!!!

Consequence “Bearer Of Bad News” [mp3]
The night this came out Flex was shouting out Dilla on Hot 97. For some reason it makes me want to hear Rick Ross “I’m Bad.” Here is a video someone made for the latter, starring Ninja Turtles.

Fat Tony “Home” [mp3]
Fat Tony f. Tom Cruz, Negashi Armada & Charly East “Rap Babies” [mp3]
Email blasts / press releases are the last thing that would ever make me want to listen to actual music. But Fat Tony’s came peppered with such casual awesomeness (“RABDARGAB is a reference to Fat Tony’s childhood in the Houston Indepedent School District. The term was a campaign to promote literacy in school by offering little bad ass kids money. The term originally stood for Read a Book, Do a Report, Get a Buck.”) that I had to check out his free album. It is solid! Turns out the whole thing was produced by Tom Cruz of Supreeme, I could spend more time thinking up anecdotes about an old show I DJed with them but I am filled with turkey and Grand Marnier. I miss Knitting Factory Tap Bar.

Killa Kyleon “Ms Green” [mp3]
Cardo (“…on da beat fool!”) went the fuck in on this Kyleon song, I kind of wish the whole thing was just that intro beat. 7ths!

Lil Phat and Webbie f. Birdman “Do It Bigger” [mp3]
Cutthroat f. Project Pat “Bout My Money” [mp3]
Cutthroat f. Juicy J “I Pop Beans” [mp3]

Out-of-key piano synths, Roland cowbell and CDJ scratches 4 life. The new Trill Ent album is filled with New Orleans throwback vibes. Similarly consistent is the Project Pat-overseen Cutthroat album, a welcome throwback to the pre-Oscar / pre-MTV / pre-Tiesto Three 6 Mafia sound, bouncing from Stevie Wonder interpolations to ghost piano jams that make ecstasy sound FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Lloyd Banks “Large On The Streets” [mp3]
Hard to fail with this source material.

Bink f. Ras Kass, Kurupt, and Young De “Smoke Somethin” [mp3]
There’s a tendency for hyper-orchestrated, live instrument beats like this to sound way too dense and cheesed out, rap music by dudes with extra strings on their electric jazz bass. Bloodless “replayed sample” vibe is sometimes the best you can hope for. Fortunately, all the multi-tracked organ riffs and layered bongos from Bink are here for a reason, this can stand with the best of Quik and Dre’s funky West Coast micro epics. Bonus points for the Street Fighter lightning noise when Ras Kass shouts out Blanka. (Oh yeah I forgot, dudes are rapping hella good on this too.)

BAM f. NORE & Royal Flush “Hoodness” [mp3]
Another notch in the Fizzy Womack production belt. (Cue Peter Rosenberg’s “RAPADOOOOO” MOP drop.)

J Skyy “Mary Wanna” [mp3]
Lite jazz n 808s.

The DB’z f. Cousin Fik, E-40, Infamous, Willie Joe, Turf Talk, J-Diggs, Cashot Quis & Droop-E “Vallejo Anthem” [mp3]
The Cool Kids “Big Talk” [mp3]
The Pack f. Husalah “This Shit Slappin” [mp3]

MORE BASS. Also if you wanna lose yourself in a RapidShare rabbit hole one afternoon you could do worse than the Husalah discography.

Roscoe Dash “I Be Shopping” [mp3]
“American Eagle…whasuuuup…” The nadir of swag rap? Or retarded new heights? KE On Da Trak’s major key pop-punk chords make it hard to tell. Lets not forget Gang Starr did this already (“…purchase some kicks by Kenneth Cole”). I not so secretly wish The Drums’ “Lets Go Surfing” was about shopping too.

Grip Plyaz f. Slick Pulla “Stuntman Mike” [mp3]
All Kurt Russell Everything.

Freeway f. Peedi Peedi “Snappa Pow” [mp3]
Red Cafe’s “I’m Ill” should have been a State Property song in the first place.

Cassidy f. Junior Reid & Notch “High On Life” [mp3]
Cassidy’s new album is slept on for a reason, it’s a Cassidy record. I know I made that joke before. But the LP production is surprisingly polished for a Koch release, thanks to Swizz understudies like Neo Da Matrix, etc. This one also has hooks from Born Jamerican (and CRIMINALLY, WILD UNFAIRLY slept on dancehall talent) Notch, aka Omar Gosh. Google heem!

RZA f. Erica Bryant “Insomnia” [mp3]
Classic Wubonics from the abbott. “I got wolves that’ll murder ya for a veggie burger/ spaghetti heads/ meet the heavy burner/ I put an oodle up in your noodle/ then head to the dread spot for a bag of that doo doo.” Fuggghin widiggulith.