Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Jan 17th, 2011 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

MMM! (Word to Nous Sommes.) Welcome to a new feature on the blawg, a regular round-up of DJ mixes to start your week with.

DJ Synapse Outstanding
Our dude Synapse put together a collection of Charlie Wilson / Gap Band classics (and the records that flipped them) throughout the years, powered by a sense of fun (Ashanti “Happy” into Kellz “Summer Bunnies”!) so often missing from all the “OG vs Sample” mixes out there.

Fact Magazine Producers To Watch Minimixes
Heaps of new and unreleased tracks from beatmakers on the move (including our BK neighbor Brenmar and Greenmoney-remixer Mele), courtesy the hyperlink slingers over at Fact.

Flemming Dalum Avventura All’Italiana
Italo jams to expand your mental. (Thanks Vin Sol for the tip.)

Mikix The Cat ADD Mix 3
Lil Mo Ying Yang FTW.

Andrew Weatherall Moon mix for Oki-ni
Pure class once again from the man behind many FG HQ stereo staples.

The Magician Magic Tape Six
Disco wizardry selected by “the other guy” out of Aeroplane. Choice stuff.

L-Vis1990 Night Slugs vs Sound Pellegrino
Jammers from the usual laser beam suspects, with bonus Ellen Allien throwback!

Renaissance Man NYE Mix
Detroit via Helsinki drum machine future funk.

Pandemonium Jones Splendid Moments 2010
Very thoughtful indie roundup, like he always does at this time. Says Jonesy: “a great soundtrack for snowy dogwalking.”