Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Feb 6th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

As all of New York giddily super bowl shuffles to work, here’s a bunch of sets to start your week.

Vin Sol West Coast Beatdown [mp3]
“Futuristic and retro sounds to get your body body jackin right.” This is an accurate statement from our SF amigo. And his cover art is a burrito tag to boot!

Pillowtalk Autobrennt Podcast [mp3]
Also hailing from the bay, I heard about Pillowtalk thanks to their excellent single “The Come Back”. Still not sure if it’s a full band (nu-disco Mayer Hawthorne?) or a DJ project or some combination thereof, but their podcast mix of original productions and edits is tight.

Soul Clap Live @ Dommune [mp3]
The Pillowtalk stuff actually reminded me of a lot of Soul Clap’s more pop and rock leaning moments. And those guys are the best (duh). Here’s a chunk of a recent 6 hour set in Japan.

Levins Australia Day Mix [mp3]
The homie Levins describes this as an OZ counterpart to the Radio Friendly Unit Shifter alt rock mixes I’ve been doing for Mishka. CLEARLY IT IS AWESOME, THEN. The pop cultural relevance might not always translate to us Yankees but hey, more than one person has asked for Ammonia “Drugs” to show up on RFUS 4

The 2 Bears Whatever The Weather Mix [mp3]
These guys are mad good at house music. Plus they are selling a bundle of their album that comes with custom ping pong paddles.