Rappin Ass Thursdays #60

Posted on Mar 1st, 2012 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

RAT BACK. Where the hell did February go? New joints and pithery after the jump. Download all the tracks from this post here.

Pink Dollaz “Bad Bitch” [mp3]
Mustard on the beat hoe… Not sure how old this is but it sounds like “Rack City” with goth chord changes and has girls rapping on it. I support all those things.

Spiff Kidz “Twerk Dat” [mp3]
You can file flat sung choruses and 808 cowbells under things I support too.

Raekwon feat. Fred Da Godson “Luxury Rap” [mp3]

Twista “They Want Efx” Freestyle [mp3]
This is a genius pairing. I bet you thought the Das Efx revival was gonna stop with “Trilla” too…

Redman “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” Freestyle [mp3]
Redman “Sourdeezal” (“No Church In The Wild” Freestyle) [mp3]
Beat reanimation continues! Red kind of kills this, and I’m not just saying that because I had “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” on cassingle. It’s not all throwback though, Funk Doc also goes in on The Throne, proving that the best freestyles (and all remix verses for that matter) simultaneously pay tribute and flip the bird to the original material.

French Montana & Coke Boys “Miley” (“Take Care” Freestyle) [mp3]
As I was saying…

Java Starr feat Mod Sun & Meta “Amsterdam” [mp3]
Devin The Dude’s Coughee Brothers crew aren’t the first guys to flip this Peter Bjorn and John sample, but props to whoever declares themselves “Vincent Van Dro” on the track.

Peedi Crakk “All Round Philly” [mp3]
The Intense Prince still got it. I genuinely hope to have a Peedi record on FG one day.

RediRoc “I’m Winnin” [mp3]
While I’m checking off my State Prop wish list, would love to hear Peedi absolutely murder this pure spaz-out of a track, featuring two other Philadelphians, rapper RediRoc and producer Jahlil Beats. Here’s cool story about Jahlil and his actual brother, “Stay Schemin” and “House Party” producer Tone Beats aka The Beat Bully in Philadelpha Weekly.