Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Mar 26th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Monday mornings! Who needs Emergen-C when you’ve got a gang of new mixes to download? (Me, that’s who, I can use a shit ton of Emergen-C right now.)

Matthew Africa Yay Game: Best Of E-40 [mp3]
It’s impossible to narrow E-40’s best down to a single mixtape (the ballatician just released three full length CD’s THIS WEEK) but Matthew Africa has done just that, putting together 40 (he heh) of his favorite Earl tracks from Click era mob music to spaced out hyphy joints.

New York Transit Authority Fact Mix [mp3]
Mensah’s NYTA alias is responsible for one of the cooler 808 jams of last year, “Off The Traxx,” and is back with a mix that teases some new material alongside recent favorites, managing to inject a welcome dose of funkiness and true dancefloor skills into the crowded and increasingly same-y world of “post dubstep” drum machine music.

Money & Gold 2 Years Of Double Standard [mp3]
Two halves of Wolf+Lamb and Soul Clap (respectively) come together to craft yet another peerless compendium of vibez. And how could they not, with an opening track called “Funk Sex”?!?

Kid Gusto Gusto Soul [mp3]
Any tape that connects the dots between “She’s So Heavy” and SBTRKT is fine by me.