Fool's Gold Clubhouse Vol. 3

Posted on Oct 15th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

The third volume of our CLUBHOUSE series is up for free download today at, get get get it!

Vol 3 kicks off with Baxta’s awesomely shuffling “Whateva” and proceeds to bounce everywhere from high powered house tracks like Mason’s “Get It Together” and Vin Sol’s “Sensuous Blaqq,” to half time chunkers like Mr Mitch’s “Zippo” and 813’s apocolyptic trunk rattler “Sanctum,” and totally unclassifiable, thoroughly awesome cuts like Astronomar’s “Hacksaw.” Dig in to these jams now, and stay tuned for the next ones…

(Grab Vol. 1 and Vol.2 now on iTunes, Beatport and all other digital retailers for big tunes from Flosstradamus and Baauer, Wax Motif, Starkey, XXXChange, His Majesty Andre, Anna Lunoe and more!

1. Baxta “Whateva”
2. Vin Sol “Sensuous Blaqq”
3. Astronomar “Hacksaw”
4. Mason “Get It Together”
5. Sneakz “Badump”
6. Revue “Gang”
7. Mr. Mitch “Zippo”
8. 813 “Sanctum”