Italy’s recent electro renaissance has catapulted banger after banger out into the world at large. Yet in the middle of this distorted beat onslaught, young upstart Congorock has managed to distinguish himself in style and approach by synthesizing his influences – from Dancemania 12″s and hardcore punk to video game cheat codes and Magic: The Gathering – into a unique world of sound all his own. He has an uncanny knack for making music that is both pulverizing and funky, throwing in clever twists and production flourishes where others would be content to merely crank up the volume.

Congorock continues to surprise with his second Fool’s Gold single “Babylon,” which became a gigantic international hit and across-the-board festival favorite of everyone from Diplo and Sinden to Tiesto and David Guetta. While the instrumental riff is catchy enough on it’s own, the full version is a monster, transporting dancehall hero Mr Lexx (the voice behind Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line”) into a world of atomic synthesizer blasts and jacking tribal drums. It’s another unexpected juxtaposition from Congorock that totally works. As the track itself screams out: FIRE!!!