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Food Gold: Sesame Noodles

Posted on Apr 12th, 2011

It’s no great secret that cold sesame noodles are a delicious, light spring time meal. But our version takes the Chinese restaurant staple to new levels but using two types of vinegar and adding tahini (sesame paste and the basis for a good hummus, FYI) to the mix. The secret to getting the best consistency is to allow the noodles to cool slightly and adding the sauce at the last second before serving. That’s what’s up. Recipe after the jump! Read More

Food Gold: Thursday Night Chicken With Noodles

Posted on Jan 21st, 2010

For this week’s edition of Food Gold, we’re gonna show you how to whip up a deeply satisfying and incredibly simple comfort food classic, Thursday Night Mustard Chicken. No one else refers to this as Thursday Night chicken so don’t be shocked if you bring it up in conversation (what, you guys don’t talk about mustard chicken on the reg? for shame!) and you get a blank stare. Anyways, this mofo is earthy, tangy and can be cooked in under 40 minutes. And for less than 15 bucks all in. Let’s go! Read More