Crookers "What Up Y'All" Out Today!

Posted on Oct 6th, 2009 in Downloads > Releases by Mr. Goldbar

We’re proud to release a new grab bag from Crookers today! The “What Up Y’all” EP is out now on Beatport, iTunes, Juno and everywhere else fine digital music is sold (with vinyl on the way). What’s included, you ask?

The EP features the first official release of the title track (now properly mixed and mastered, with a shouted hook from Izza Kizza) as well as a hyperactive juke remix of Crookers’ anthem “Knobbers” by DJ Gant-Man, and two incredible takes on the follow-up Cudi collab “Embrace The Martian” courtesy of UK beat maestro Seiji – a crunching, hard-hitting “booty mix” and a squelchy acid version that take the dreamy original to two new heights. Take a listen to the acid mix right now at RCRD LBL.

You can also snag the dub version at Seiji’s blog. Grab these now and brace yourself for whatever the Crooks are cooking up next on their debut LP, coming soon.