Rappin Ass Thursdays #51

Posted on Jan 20th, 2011 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

“What took you so long?” 1st RAT of 2011 after the jump. And for all the lazy folks I’m gonna start upping a zip with every song from the post too, you can thank A-Trak for that one.

Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder “Murder” [mp3]
I know it is “technically” a dancehall record, but tell me this isn’t hip-hop as fuck! GOES HOARD. Produced by JonFX, who was responsible for the classic “Gun Session” Jeezy remix with DJ Obession.

Mo Pain f. Young Jeezy “Meet Me In The Tunnel (G-Mix)” [mp3]
USDA “Off Safety” [mp3]
USDA “The Lick” [mp3]
Speaking of Young Jizzle From The Bottom Of The Map… TM103 remains trapped (badump bump) in label limbo, but he’s jumping on remixes like crazy at the moment, including this ATL streeter by Mo Pain. Mr Jenkins even managed to drop two USDA cuts that are surprisingly solid, save for all the other people who are rapping.

U-N-I “Donkey Kong” [mp3]
I’m a sucker for 8 bit beats.

Cousin Fik f. Cal Tiki & Mac Juan “Water In The Bo” [mp3]
It’s like Organized Noize went all Vallejo on us.

TI f. Rico Love “Lay Me Down” [mp3]
Really nothing nice at all to say about the new TI record, other than Jim Jonsin did his thing on this. More wrong-speed Cybotron, thanks!

Lloyd Banks f. Jim Jones “Fly Like The Wind” [mp3]
And more Skream noises on minimal NYC blacktop shit! Who made this? Can they continue please?

B L A C K I E “Lou Dobbs On My Knob” [mp3]
Matt Sonzala sent this over to me. It’s pretty #based. More here.

Snoop Dogg “Excersize” [mp3]
Courtesy Terrace Martin, this is one of two really good recent jams from the Doggfather.

Ben J “Ouche Bah Bah” [mp3]
Yes, I am listening to entire solo mixtapes by members of the New Boyz in hopes of unearthing hidden gems for the column. Is there a Hoarders kind of intervention program for this?

Parker f. Henny “Still Checkin’ The Rhime” [mp3]
Nice Tribe flip from these Seattle bros, produced by Tha Bizness.

J Rocc “Tribute To Malcom McLaren” [mp3]
This is so ill. J Rocc was just on Benji B’s show playing a bunch of stuff from his upcoming LP too. He gets on the mic more than a little bit.