Rappin Ass Thursdays #53

Posted on Mar 3rd, 2011 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

BOUT TIME. Tracks after the jump, here’s a zip with allofem.

Tity Boi “Feelin You” [mp3]
The internets already talked about this track and it’s dubstep antecedents but fuck it: BEST JAM OUT.

Action Bronson “Back 2 The Future” [mp3]
How did no one flip the Jetsons theme before?

Money Making Jam Boys “Day Job” [mp3]
Philly bols rapping hella good. The story pretty much ends there – which would be more than fine enough, but the MMJB whole is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. Even the New Jack Swing-y font choice on the cover just feels…appropriate? The four MCs have incredible balance and chemistry that elevates their tracks above mere retro nods. I could have picked any song off this but “Day Job” has one of my favorite disses in recent memory, “you cookin chicken fingers up at Houlihans.”

USDA “CTE Or Nothin” [mp3]
Live bass jammer hidden on one of those forgettable Jeezy and Co tapes.

Lil Scrappy “Benz Musiq” [mp3]
More like Maybach Music, amirite? Kind of crazy to watch how quickly the Rick Ross approach to beat picking filtered down to other artists, but if the results knock like this even half the time, I’m not complaining.

Trae f. Wiz Khalifa “Gettin Paid” [mp3]
Slow and booming trunk funk that you have come to expect from Tha Truth, with just enough je ne sais quoi (Wiz autotune-less hook warbling, plus that crazy little xylophone riff!?!?!) to stay interesting.

Wiz Khalifa “Middle Of You” [mp3]
These guys also team up on the latest Wiz tape Cabin Fever, a surprise internet drop from a week or two ago. Blasted out on a Friday night, forgotten by Monday, all for good reason: the collection of LP leftovers showcased neither Wizzy’s current pop smarts or his endearing musical quirks from past mixtapes. Kush And OJ it ain’t… save for this joint, which captures the same dreamy uptempo sound of Kush standout (for me, anyway) “In The Cut.” A whole record of shit like this would be summertime gold, I tells ya!

Terrace Martin & Murs “It’s No Surprise” [mp3]
The newish Melrose album from Terrace and Murs goes in heavy with that same synth pad / high BPM drum machine formula, but somehow the results are less satisfying than I would have expected. It’s billed as their “party album,” but the helium balloon vibes go leaden over 14 cuts. This one is still a real standout at the start of the album, though, like a distant LA cousin to Trackademicks’ “Enjoy What You Do” and Killer Mike’s “My Chrome.”

Jim Jones “Perfect Day” [mp3]
Jim Jones f. Omega “We Represent” [mp3]

Ok one more fast one to close out. What a weird fucking song, right? I love me some mall punk chord progression rapps, but not necessarily from Guillermo. Ain’t mad, but… I already said it’s pretty fucking weird! This Omega collab is more along the lines of what you’d expect from Capo. “They love me uptown like Julio Iglesias,”