Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia have not-so-secretly established themselves as one of the most dynamic bands in New York. Tiombe Lockhart, Nick Hook and Daoud Sturdivant have blended elements of house, R&B and experimental electronics to make what Dazed & Confused calls, “hyped-up, sexually-charged club music that is raw, unblinkered and very fresh…the real deal.” After several self-released singles and videos, the trio will release their debut album Follow Your Heart with Fool’s Gold on September 20th, featuring even more sweaty, polyrythmic rave-ups and guest appearances from Dam Funk, Drop The Lime and Bilal. “Fool’s Gold is all about breaking genre boundaries,” explains A-Trak. “Cubic Zirconia’s music challenges record store bins’ classification and I find that dope. Tiombe, Nick and Daoud each have a rich musical history before combining as a group, and Cubic Zirconia feels like where that all gets supercharged. Go watch one of their live performances, you’ve never seen anything quite like it.”