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Kid Gloves “Third Round” EP Q&A

Posted on Aug 21st, 2014

Kid Gloves is the UK duo comprised of producer wizards Anu Pillai and Roy Kerr. The two recently released their “Third Round” EP on FG and give us a little behind the scenes look on how they came up with their extremely catchy, classic and infectious dance sound. Read the Q&A below and nerd out as they talk about studio gear and some of their favorite classic dance tunes. Also be sure to buy their “Third Round” EP on iTunes now!

1. How did the Kid Gloves duo unite?

We’ve known each other as friends since the mid-90’s. I used to go and watch Anu when he put on these big college raves in Cambridge. After college, we both ended up in London. Anu was making music as Freeform Five and I started making music as The Freelance Hellraiser a bit later and when I got signed to Sony in ’05, we got our first chance to collaborate. I then did some programming on some of his remixes and we started hanging out and working more and more. I guess our first major break was writing and producing for Ladyhawke on her first album. That’s when our name was born and we went on to remix and produce a bunch of cool acts. We never really planned to release our own tracks, but we were just having fun in the studio one day and the vibe of the tracks seemed perfect for Fool’s Gold. Anu had DJ’ed with Nick Catchdubs and stayed in touch, so we fired them over and it’s great to have found our spiritual home! Read More

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Fool’s Gold Q&A Vol 6: DJ Zinc

Posted on Nov 6th, 2009

For the latest edition of our FG Q&A series, we had a quick chat with UK beat chameleon DJ Zinc about his excellent new Crack House EP, keeping up with musical trends, studio secrets, and more. Bo bo bo!

Read the complete interview after the jump, download the free Crack House sampler mix and be sure to cop the whole thing on Beatport. Stay tuned for more exclusive back-n-forth with interesting folks and creative types very soon. Read More

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Fool’s Gold Q&A Vol 5: Ruben Fleischer

Posted on Oct 29th, 2009

Just in time for Halloween, peep our exclusive FG Q&A with acclaimed director Ruben Fleischer, who’s debut feature film Zombieland is sure to scare up (har har) some more biz this holiday weekend. Find out how Ruben made the leap from music videos (including our own “Pro Nails”) to Hollywood flicks, learn some of the unexpected cinematic influences on Zombieland, and get more behind-the-scenes insight after the jump. Read More

Fool’s Gold Q&A Vol 4: Flosstradamus

Posted on May 28th, 2009

Photo by Clayton Hauck

The latest edition of our blog Q&A series of friends-n-fam brain pickage features none other than Chicago sons Flosstradamus, who recently took a bit of a break from touring to focus on production and studio work, including their debut single with Caroline from Chairlift, De La Soul’s recent Nike+ project Are You In and a slew of remixes including Trackademicks’ “Enjoy What You Do” and this Totally Michael mix, a collab with FG’s DJ Gant-Man.

After the jump, J2K drops knowledge behind-the-scenes of all those productions, as well as what its like to have your face plastered across billboards throughout the country, and the pitfalls of buying synths on Craigslist. Read More

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Fool's Gold Q&A Vol 3: XXXChange

Posted on Feb 4th, 2009

Following up Lifelike and Kavinsky in our continuing series of hard hitting questionnaires with members of the FG extended familia, we bring you a meeting of the minds with supaproducer XXXChange!

You already know dude as one of the architects of Spank Rock and a massively creative and in-demand remixer and producer from everyone from Santogold to the Kills. But do you know his feelings on roast pork? Hit the jump to find all the dirt on kitchen hints, DFA studio internships, P-Thugg keyboard reccomendations, and upcoming projects (which include tracks on the forthcoming Kid Sister LP and Bag Raiders EP). Our man got joints! You can also catch a DJ set from XXXChange at the Guggenheim (!!!) in NYC this Friday, Feb 6th. Read More

Fool's Gold Q&A Vol 2: Kavinsky

Posted on Sep 17th, 2008

As we continue to pick the brains of the Fool’s Gold family and friends, the second volume of our exclusive blog Q&A series features Kavinsky, dropping jewels about Quebecois fire trucks, production friendships, “moccasin funk” and much more. Read the whole thing after the jump (and cop Kavinsky’s limited Fool’s Gold EP here), and if you’re still craving more interview action, read our Lifelike Q&A and stay tuned for more soon! Read More

Fool's Gold Q&A Vol 1: Lifelike

Posted on Aug 26th, 2008

We’re kicking off a new series of interviews with folks in the extended Fool’s Gold family: THE FOOL’S GOLD Q&A. It’s like Charlie Rose with swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion, Nightline for electro nerds, 60 Minutes minus everything but Ed Bradley’s awesome earring. Our inaugural edition features the one and only Laurent Heinrich, aka Ferris Bueller, aka Lifelike, French producer/remixer extraordinaire. You can hear his signature touch on Treasure Fingers’ “Cross The Dancefloor” single (download the remix here and buy the whole single here), and read his full Q&A after the jump. More email interrogations coming soon! Read More