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HERO “Dirty Work”

Posted on Nov 14th, 2018

HERO makes a splash with “Dirty Work” (and its striking music video, filmed in Oslo with director Johannes Greve Muskat). With it’s electronic pulse and darkly catchy vibes, the title track off HERO’s debut Fool’s Gold EP (out 1/10) is the sound of an auspicious new artist merging his influences into one singular vision.

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Smalltown DJs & Dances With White Girls “What’s Your Poison”

Posted on Nov 8th, 2018

Smalltown DJs are Canada’s reigning champions of fun, bass-heavy house, melding the energy of outdoor festivals like Shambala with the diverse sound they cultivated at their legendary Hifi Club in Calgary. Dances With White Girls is the infamous LA-via-Philly producer and vocalist crafting absurdist anthems with everyone from Chris Lake to Pitbull (while dropping knowledge hourly as your favorite artist’s favorite Tweeter). We’re beyond excited to bring these two forces together for the first time, starting with “What’s Your Poison,” a quirky and crazed slice of dance music that could only exist on Fool’s Gold. Listen up!

Nick Catchdubs feat. Fire Alarm “Pick Up Yaself (Proper Villains Remix)”

Posted on Oct 30th, 2018

FG founder Nick Catchdubs teamed up with New York duo Fire Alarm (producer Proper Villains and MC Metric Man) for the enjoyably rave-y “Pick Up Yaself.” Now after a breakdance-ready remix from Shash’U, Proper Villains adds his own personal touch to the single with a tech house take ready to soundtrack a late night near you. Turn it up!

Promnite “Exist” EP

Posted on Oct 26th, 2018

Promnite lives up to his name with a soulful, romantic approach to dance music. The NY raised, LA dwelling producer boasts an enviably diverse catalog — incorporating everything from rap collaborations with Denzel Curry, club deconstructions with Mr Carmack, and unforgettable Athletixx parties and mixes alongside Hoodboi, Falcons and Kittens — but Exist is the sound of an artist truly in his own zone. Featuring guest vocals from B. Lewis, TZAR and the one and only Mario (of “Let Me Love You” and other ‘00s classics), these four confident, expertly constructed tracks touch on classic dance, uptempo 80s vibes and head-nodding R&B, laced with Promnite’s future-minded production and signature bounce. Listen now!

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Promnite feat. Mario “Far Away”

Posted on Oct 25th, 2018

Promnite continues to share new sides of his Exist EP with the pulsing “Far Away,” featuring guest vocals from Mario (the iconic voice behind “Let Me Love You” and countless ‘00s classics). Global, soulful and futuristic… “Far Away” is hybrid club perfection at it’s finest. Listen now!

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Madeaux “LIMBO” EP

Posted on Oct 12th, 2018

Madeaux is a young producer and DJ raised in Miami and living in Los Angeles. After exploring dark electronics from warehouse techno to experimental hip-hop on his Burn LP (and remixes for Moby, Dombresky and more) he emerges more focused than ever with the moody new LIMBO EP. Named after his traveling party residency, LIMBO puts collaborations aside to put Madeaux on full display, channeling Nine Inch Nails and 909s on three tracks all written, produced, sung, and engineered by the man himself, all ready to soundtrack an after-hours near you. Listen now!

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Promnite “Exist”

Posted on Oct 4th, 2018

LA based, NY bred DJ and producer Promnite controls a groove like none other, mixing timeless dance vibes with futuristic production sheen and unexpected songwriting twists. After dropping “Swim” featuring B. Lewis (“an infectious summer banger” – Earmilk) and the head-nodding “4 Letters” featuring TZAR, he releases the title track from his forthcoming Exist EP (out 10/26 on Fool’s Gold). Feel good synth riffs, live band jams and cut up vocals collide for another impossibly funky cut from the maestro himself. Listen here!

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A-Trak feat. Todd Terry “DJs Gotta Dance More” Music Video

Posted on Oct 1st, 2018

A-Trak teams up with New York house legend Todd Terry for new single “DJs Gotta Dance More”: an ode to record-digging and bedroom beatmaking, driven by the OG’s gravelly voice. It’s the first ever collaboration between the pioneering Terry (responsible for three decades of club classics from Jungle Brothers’ “I’ll House You” to iconic remixes for Everything But The Girl, Bjork and Daft Punk) and his spiritual godson A-Trak, who’s spent a career bringing the worlds of hip-hop and house music together with multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated projects and his scene-building Fool’s Gold label. Together, their soulful, delicate earworm is a statement of purpose for fans and fellow artists around the globe to keep pushing art forward. Listen up!

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Sammy Bananas & Kaleena Zanders – Cherry Soda (Remixes)

Posted on Sep 25th, 2018

Brooklyn producer and DJ Sammy Bananas’ debut LP Someday is a feel good opus, featured on HBO’s Insecure and praised by Billboard as “fun and flirty, grown and sexy, hype and hella fun.” Single “Cherry Soda” featuring Kaleena Zanders is the album’s effervescent mission statement, and now this upbeat Fool’s Gold singalong gets remixed by mutant club king Astronomar, house head MKJAY and Sammy himself. Pop it open!