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Food Gold: Spinach/Avocado Wrap w/ Balsamic Mushrooms

Posted on May 5th, 2010

Call me crazy but sometimes I just get the illest cravings for bourgie deli sandwiches. Turkey with brie and apples, pastrami with thousand island dressing and slaw, sprouts with swiss—you get the gist. Those joints are delicious, and so well presented.

Trouble is, they can be a bit pricey and may or may not sharpen the focus on what side of the gentrification fence you are really on when you order one (ZING!) So, to assuage your guilt and impress your friends, we recommend making these delicious Spinach/Avocado/Swiss/Mushroom wraps. They are super healthy, delicious and totally on the right side of the revolution. Enjoy!

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