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World’s Fair feat. Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware & Nasty Nigel “Win4”

Posted on Apr 6th, 2018

World’s Fair are back to share a new single. “Win4” feat. Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware & Nasty Nigel follows the release of their first single “Elvis’ Flowers (on my grave)” and the announcement of World’s Fair’s debut album New Lows. “Win4” showcases Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware and Nasty Nigel all flexing their lyrical prowess in an aggressive ode to New York. The album, due this spring via Fool’s Gold, finds the Queens-based rap collective growing significantly from their 2013 mixtape Bastards of the Party. Listen here!

World’s Fair “Elvis’ Flowers (on my grave)”

Posted on Mar 9th, 2018

World’s Fair are New York. Not just the location, though no one is better equipped to rep their hometown than this collective from Queens. They are the dirt, dreams and neon, the sound of hard days and endless nights… but New York has never sounded quite like this. Since their debut tape Bastards Of The Party, WF have taken their time crafting an ambitious, future-minded album worthy of the unique personalities of Remy Banks, Nasty Nigel, Cody B Ware, Prince SAMO, Jeff Donna and Lansky Jones. “Elvis’ Flowers (on my grave)” is the warning siren: chopped up vocals and frantic breakbeats from Black Noi$e and NoLife meet adrenaline-laced bars, all building to an ecstatic, break-of-dawn bass release. Play it loud, get into some trouble, and get ready for more.