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Jokers Of The Scene "Joking Victim" with Shit Robot + Vin Sol Remixes Out Today!

Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

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For the past few years, Jokers Of The Scene have ranked amongst the brightest, weirdest lights of Canada’s dance music renaissance. Between their Fool’s Gold originals and their enviably deep remixography (including a droning take on Salem’s “Asia” that turned ears to putty and blogs to cinders mere weeks ago), the duo have passed on a “signature sound” to craft an unpredictable approach that’s as cerebral as it is speaker-decimating.

DJ Booth and Chameleonic have ransacked decades of electronic history to build music from the future. Their latest mutation, “Joking Victim,” blends cinematic synth melodies – think Tangerine Dream or Vangelis at their moodiest, or the Jokers’ own ambient soundtrack for the “Bright Lights Big City” art installation that took over Toronto’s CN Tower late last year – with heavy, Detroit-style drum programming and a club throb that is 100% JOTS. Whether delivered as a bombastic intro track, set closer or soaring peak-time call to arms, “Joking Victim” simply cannot be denied.

If the nine-and-a-half hypnotic minutes of the original weren’t enough, the “Joking Victim” remixes also rank among the most unique in the FG catalog. DFA maestro Shit Robot makes a beeline for the darkly funky melodies the Jokers only hinted at, flipping the track into an industrial disco opus, while SF producer / DJ / cratedigger supreme Vin Sol turns the tempo down (and the cowbell up) for his delicious, boogie rock-influenced “Trocadero Mix.” Each version is like nothing you might have expected, but isn’t that the whole point? Keep your antennae locked in to JOTS’ wavelength for whatever surprise comes next…