Rappin Ass Thursdays #64

Posted on Jan 10th, 2013 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Still going through oddball cuts and personal favorites from last year that haven’t gotten much burn on the internets. I will post them and y’all will deal with it! (Full zip of today’s nugs here.)

ADD+ “Suitcases” [mp3]
Are ADD+ the missing link between the OkayPlayer and Tumblr eras of indie rap? That makes this song sound way less enjoyable than it is. These Dallas kids are on to something though. More good tracks (and Passion Of The Weiss commentary) here.

Peedi Crakk “Go Pedro” [mp3]
Anything Peedi = instant post. This shit features a tambourine.

Freeway “No Doubt” [mp3]
Relatedly, the most “State Prop album cut” of all the songs on Freeway’s recent LP is this one. #TeamEarly.

Grip Plyaz feat Aleon Craft & Trinidad Jame$ “Jacky Joyner” [mp3]
Iamsu! “Gone” [mp3]
I was not expecting to hear dudes rapping over the Chariots Of Fire theme or “Pride (A Deeper Love)” but… here we are. CHILDREN OF AMERICA: SAMPLE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Sayitainttone & Earlly Mac “Slappin” [mp3]
Big Sean’s friends get funky over Ray Parker Jr’s Raydio cut “For Those Who Like To Groove.” Their (super slept on) mixtape has a few more roller rink joints.

Jay 305 “Youzza Flip” [mp3]
The world at large was also dozing on Young Nation, the debut compilation from Dom Kennedy’s OPM crew. Big tunes from the likes of DK, Polyester, and Jay 305, who provides this extremely catchy, extremely pimpish tune (great video too, although I am surprised at the lack of perms.)

Treated Crew Treated Tuesdays [mixtape]
Gzus Piece “Roll That Thang Up” [mp3]
ShowYouSuck One Man Pizza Party III: Rest In Pizza [mixtape]
You might just know them from the hats, but Chicago’s Treated Crew went super hard last year. These three releases definitely show off the collective’s diversity, from ratchet shit to clever boom bap updates to moody oddball cuts. (While on the topic of Chicago underdogs, if you like this stuff I highly recommend GLC’s latest super solid tape, The Anti Simp. Tator Chip, bitch.)

Wale “Ji Dope” [mp3]
Vinny Cha$e feat Kid Art “Harlem Roses” [mp3]
Mayhem Lauren “Get That Money Black” [mp3]

BREAKBEAT BACK! File under: my type of hype. There are many additional heaters on all three mixtapes these tracks are taken from.