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Kid Sister Beatport Chart

Posted on Jan 5th, 2012

Kid Sis shows love to some friends, fam and collaborators on her new Beatport chart. Of course, her own “Mickey” and “Luuk Out Gurl” gotta be in there too! Grab them on the new Kid Sister and Flosstradamus EPs, respectively.

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Mehdi Forever

Posted on Sep 24th, 2011

Some words from A-Trak

How can I imagine life without Mehdi? It’s a question I never thought I would have to ask myself. Mehdi was without a doubt like a brother to me, a friend well beyond our music ties, a kindred spirit and someone who played an irreplaceable and constant role in my life. In the days since his passing I’ve been reflecting a lot on our friendship and felt the need to write down my thoughts. Here goes. Read More

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Remembering DJ Mehdi

Posted on Sep 19th, 2011

From Dave1’s Facebook post…

I wrote this text on the plane back from Paris a couple of days ago. I first intended it to be a series of personal notes: an attempt to retrace the chronology of our friendship with Mehdi. Then I figured I’d share it. It’s long and perhaps too full of factoids. But that’s how Mehdi, ever the raconteur, like his stories: starting “ab ovo” (from the very beginning, the origins) and rife with trivia. So here it is, my own personal Mehdipedia entry… Read More

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Cosmo's Crates: Happy Birthday JMJ

Posted on Jan 21st, 2011

Cosmo pays tribute to the real King Of Rock. Editor’s note: cop Dan Charnas’ recently-released The Big Payback for some incredible, indelible stories about Run DMC, Russell Rush and the rise of the moguls behind rap’s OGs.

Whattup, folk? After a whirlwind mini-tour this past weekend, I’m back in Brook-Nam and ready to drop some jewels for you – albeit a little late. So you know, when it comes to my crates, I have a gang of shit in the arsenal, don’t get it twisted. I could imagine that this week might be looked at a little bit as somewhat of a softball. But truthfully I don’t give a fuck because even though these records might not be totally obscure, they are without question VERY IMPORTANT RECORDINGS within the pantheon of American music. So sit back and listen… Read More

Cosmo's Crates: Born This Way

Posted on Jan 11th, 2011

Cosmo Baker is back with more insight from his wax stacks. Read on and be sure to check his other columns.

What’s good, Fool’s Gold massive? Your favorite record nerd is back again to drop some gems on you, and when I say “gems” I really mean useless shit from the treasure trove that is La Cabeza De Cosmo. Now it’s fucking crazy to me that, here in the 21st Century, there still isn’t equal rights for the LGBT community in America. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that 2 people who love each other and devote their lives to one another, that are gay, do not share the same rights as those who are straight. One day, people will look back at this time and just be ashamed of themselves. Another thing that drives me absolutely batshit crazy are those people in the DJ and dance music community who are completely (consciously or not) homophobic. Don’t you know, if it weren’t for the gay community, none of this shit would even be here in the way it is? But that all might be another discussion for another time, and my time is so very precious, so let me get right to the music this week with “I Was Born This Way.” Read More

Introducing… Cosmo's Crates

Posted on Jan 5th, 2011

New site, new columns! We’re proud to invite DJ hero, megacollector and raconteur Cosmo Baker to drop record science on the dot com as only he can.

What’s up, party people, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the brand new column “Cosmo’s Crates.” This series is basically a place for me to do the knowledge on the vast world of music – of all types and genres. Now for the most part people checking Fool’s Gold are probably here to check for the latest and greatest dance and rap music from the all-star roster. But as artists, we all draw our inspiration from all the musical influences we’ve had over the course of our whole lives, and in many cases way before we were even born. I hope that in exposing you all to some sounds that you might not be up on, or some shit that might have flown under the radar, I can draw the connections between the music from yesterday and from today. You’d be surprised how many parallel lines there are in the last 80+ years of American pop music, but I guess that’s just the cyclical nature of both the industry and the people’s consumption patterns. I’m a student of history and that definitely comes across with me as an artist. But ultimately all I really want to do is to put you guys up on some hot shit or some groovy sounds that I think you all need in your life. SO, with that all said, let’s get to it! Read More

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