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Thando1988 – Never Stop (ft. Chantay Savage)

Posted on Oct 14th, 2022

New York DJ/producer Thando1988 was raised on club classics, giving him an appreciation for 70s-80s soul beyond his years. On “Never Stop”, his second Fool’s Gold release, he teams up with 90s R&B legend Chantay Savage for an uplifting, timeless jam with soulful pianos and a soaring vocal performance. The song is a slice of sunshine, evoking summertime cookouts, proof that a good song can always lift our spirits.  Listen now.

Thando1988 “Questions (feat. NiiON)”

Posted on Oct 21st, 2020

Native New Yorker Thando1988 grew up as a club DJ schooled in classics and mentored by nightlife kings and queens. He’s been filtering those lessons into original songs and “Questions” is the latest result, an electric boogie of 80s-inspired grooves and a yearning vocal from Niion. Pop a cork, put on your dancing shoes, this one is simply a bop. Listen Now!

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