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Food Gold Video Party: Pork Balls with Daniel from The Meatball Shop

Posted on Aug 18th, 2010

This week we are driving to the hoop with a very special Food Gold Video Party! Earlier this summer, we were lucky enough to go backstage with Chef Daniel Holzman of Meatball Shop during the dinner rush to drink many beers and learn how to cook perfect pork meatballs. Tune in and catch some food porn, some dirty jokes and a whole lotta porky goodness!

PS – We are sorry the sound is a little rough but we really went in to a real working kitchen and shot what happened. Sometimes things get loud (and drunk)! Recipe after the jump. Read More

Food Gold: Proscuitto Wrapped Chicken with Lemon Zest

Posted on Aug 12th, 2010

Chicken breasts get a terrible rap, mostly because mothers and sons everywhere tend to overcook them into dry oblivion. This week we have a solution to that—wrapping these birds up with a “fancy” Italian pork product (seen above), sprinkling in some freshly grated parmesan cheese and adding a bright finish to the whole shebang by throwing in our secret flavor weapon, lemon zest. Let’s hit the test kitchen and show you how to rock these! Read More

Food Gold: Bacon Arugula Tomato Turkey Sandwiches

Posted on Aug 4th, 2010

Even if you are not a tomato lover, you simply cannot deny that summertime is the time to try to use those tasty ‘lil dudes any chance you get. They are at the peak of flavor and really, really cheap. I just copped a carton of beautiful grape tomatoes at Whole Foods for 2 bucks and after throwing them in a few salads over the weekend, decided to use the rest as a star ingredient in this sammich. Read More

Food Gold Dessert Edition: Blueberry Clafouti

Posted on Jul 22nd, 2010

Lest you think we are just a bunch of salty dudes, we are happy to share with you our first ever dessert recipe this week, BLUEBERRY CLAFOUTI. Clafouti is basically fresh fruit covered in a flan-like batter and baked until golden brown. It was the second thing I ever learned how to cook (after roast chicken) and is one of the only desserts I cook on my own volition. The classic version comes with cherries but I wanted to flip the script a bit and use blueberries, which I feel provide a nice fresh tartness that is easier to handle than whole cherries.

Anyways, this requires almost no knowledge of baking and is really nice in the summer with some vanilla ice cream on top. I hope you give it a shot, my good dessert-fearing friends! Read More

Food Gold: Spicy Black Beans with Chorizo and Sour Cream

Posted on Jul 14th, 2010

I know we’ve been a little light and lively with our recent FOOD GOLD recipes so for this week I decided to get back to the pleasure zones of carbs, meat and fats. Today’s dish, Spicy Black Beans with Chorizo and Lime Sour Cream contains all those things and is super hearty and ready to party. I like to serve it as a thick and zesty dip, alongside plenty of tortilla chips. Dipset! Dipset! Dipset! Read More

Food Gold: Homemade Tropical Mango Salsa

Posted on Jul 6th, 2010

Yo! It is literally one hundred and two degrees here in NYC so once again this week’s Food Gold is going to be a “non cooker.” The good news is that we have a new lively and lovely fruit-based salsa for you cats to try out. It takes about ten minutes to whip up and can be used throughout the week to add some zip to your breakfast burrito, tortilla chips or love life. It also tastes about 10000x better than the store bought stuff, which is often loaded with loads of extra salt and old fruit.

So long as you pay attention the size of your cuts when you are doing your prep work, you really can’t mess this up! Let’s do this.

Read More

Food Gold: Prosciutto/Honey/Goat Cheese "No Cook" Sandwiches

Posted on Jun 30th, 2010

Right now it is hot in NYC. It is very hot in NYC. I didn’t feel like cranking up the ol’ stove this weekend so instead I made an absolutely delicious cooking-free treat, my very own signature Proscuitto/goat cheese/honey/basil snackwich. These handsome little devils are perfect for breakfast, a brunch treat, a mid day snack or a even very light dinner. They are super easy to make and simply work because of the way the ingredients play off one another. You got salty ham, you got sweet honey, you got creamy cheese, you got crunchy olive oil coated bread. This one’s a dream date for sure! Ingredients after the jump. Read More

Food Gold: How To Fry An Egg Perfectly

Posted on Jun 25th, 2010

For this week’s Food Gold we are taking you back to culinary boot camp ala our very popular perfect scrambled eggs post and showing you one of the most important things any home cook should know how to do, FRY AN EGG! Not only can you add an extra dimension of flavor to almost any sandwich/pasta via the fried egg addition (see asparagus and fried egg recipe) but knowing the science behind this stuff will inevitably carry over into your other cooking adventures. Let’s dig a little deeper into this and break it down. Read More

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Food Gold: Pesto Power Trio

Posted on Jun 15th, 2010

Due to fan demand, Sam Goldman, he of Trinidad food porn fame, is back to hip us on how to make your very own summery pestos. And since we know how much a good working knowledge of pesto can improve your condiment/nosh game, we are trying a choose your own adventure format this week and hitting you with THREE recipes. Thank you for letting us kill you with kindness! Read More

Food Gold: Freezy Freaky Frozen Corn Soup

Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

One of my favorite things to do when I have some frozen vegetables hanging in my freezer is to make an improv soup. For me, these “see what we have” house specials are a chance to funk around with veggies and stocks in various stages of “freshness” and see what combinations work best. More often than not, the resultz are very pleasin’. For this week’s edition of Food Gold, I’mma show you a soup I made with frozen corn and some left over heavy cream. It’s sweet and savory, with just a hint of heat at the end. It’s very nice for a summer soup, as it can be served chilled as well. Corniness after the jump! Read More